According to Reuters, Amazon (AMZN) said that it was expecting to deliver approximately 3.5 billion packages to its customers through its own delivery network.

Amazon has a network of its own delivery vehicles, including; trucks, vans and airplanes. This growing network is starting to be looked at as competition by Fedex, UPS, DHL and even the US postal service.

Morgan Stanley recently stated that Amazon logistical network delivered approximately 20% of its packages in 2018 and 46% of its packages through August of this year.

Morgan Stanley further estimated that by 2022 Amazon will move 6.5 packages with its own internal logistical services. To put that in perspective, UPS does 5 billion and FedEx is at 3.4 billion.

You can see why these big logistical giants are getting just a bit worried. At present amazon employs over 90 thousand people between 150 delivery stations in the US alone!