Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Tag: S&P

Rates cuts & QE not enough – Market futures tank

Dow futures are down 1,251.50, NASDAQ is down 267.30 and S&P is down 96.40 this morning approximately 40 minutes before the bell....

Dow futures down signaling another day of red on Wall St

As of 9:10am Dow futures are trading at a 816 loss, which puts them in the red this morning pre-market. This is...

Dow plunges amid coronavirus fears & OPEC’s failure to reach production agreement

Coronavirus + nosediving oil prices = global tanking markets. That seems to sum it up in a simple 1 liner.

S&P, NASDAQ and Dow set records amid impeachment proceedings.

The market rose today to new All time highs as investors were unscathed by impeachment proceedings of President Donald J. Trump yesterday.

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Coronavirus vaccinations begin in the United States

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