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Tokyo sounds COVID alarm: Raising threat-level to highest possible IV rating


Tokyo authorities raised the threat of the spread of coronavirus to a maximum, level IV, against the backdrop of a week-long daily increase in the number of infected people, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike said.

“The current situation is such that, I think, we should warn about the spread of infection,”

Yuriko Koike.

The main course of the Tokyo administration will include multilateral measures, including strengthening the system of tests and treatment, compliance with the precautionary measures against the virus for residents and businesses of the metropolitan area.

In particular, residents of the capital will be urged to avoid shops, restaurants and bars that do not comply with countermeasures to prevent the spread of the virus.

At the same time, Koike spoke in favor of a serious review of plans to start the “Go to travel” campaign on July 22, designed to revive domestic tourism in Japan.

The growth in the city of the number of positive results of the coronavirus test exceeded 200 cases per day for four consecutive days since last Saturday, and then slightly decreased. Nevertheless, 165 positive results were recorded in Tokyo on Wednesday. True, the number of tests is growing rapidly. According to Koike, it is planned to bring their number in Tokyo from the current 6.5 thousand to ten thousand a day, using additional points for receiving patients in research and higher educational institutions.

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