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Netflix and YouTube break the Internet in Europe


Quarantine and self-isolation of millions of Europeans hit telecommunications infrastructures. Brussels has already turned to streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube to limit the volume of its services: citing that the network does not withstand such a load.

Until recently, telecom companies were optimistic enough, claiming that their infrastructure would withstand the increased load. However, it turned out that millions of users, not only working from home (and this often involves video conferencing as well), but also using streaming services, playing online games, generally consuming crazy amounts of traffic, still overloaded broadband networks .

Thierry Breton, one of the European Commissioners in charge of digital politics, said that streaming platforms and telecommunications companies are “jointly responsible for taking steps to ensure the smooth functioning of the Internet” during the crisis.

It is clear that fewer films and programs will not deliver streaming services. However, there is another option: reduce the weight of the content. EU authorities have proposed the largest platforms to at least lower the quality of the products offered, lowering the bar from high definition to standard. In addition, Brussels encouraged users to take a more responsible approach to the issue of content consumption.

The brigades of Brussels are recognized by techno giants. So, Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg noted that the company is already recording a surge in activity in a number of areas and products. In particular, the volume of correspondence in WhatsApp and Messenger doubled. He noted that the traffic that hit the social network and its products significantly exceeds the peak values ​​of the New Year holidays. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the current situation will last much longer.

In theory, companies are not required to meet Brussels. EU Net Neutrality Laws prohibit any restriction on entertainment services, whether Netflix or the Twitch gaming portal. However, a number of telecommunications executives from all over the continent have already supported the idea of cooperation with the authorities. After all, if the networks still collapse, they will be left without customers at all. So it’s better to sacrifice small.

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