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Protests erupt in Mexico over death of police detainee


Protests against police actions that led to the death of the detainee broke out on Thursday in the city of Guadalajara in Mexico, as a result of which 27 people were detained, six law enforcement officers were injured, the newspaper Financiero reports.

It is about the death of a 30-year-old mason Giovanni Lopez. He was detained on May 4 for an administrative violation, while police officers used force during the detention. According to some reports, the reason for the detention was that Lopez walked along the street without a mask. The next day, the detainee’s relatives were informed that he was taken to a local hospital in serious condition, where he later died. According to media reports, the certificate says that the cause of death was a head injury, but the Lopez family claims that he had numerous injuries and a gunshot wound to his leg. Protesters are seeking a thorough investigation of what happened.

Reportedly, more than a thousand people gathered for the protest. After some time, the protest grew into riots and clashes. Protesters began throwing stones and bottles at the police, setting fire to patrol cars. To disperse the crowd, the police were forced to use tear gas and batons. By Thursday evening, the crowd was divided into small groups.

According to the publication, among the detainees are 25 men and 2 women. Six of them are minors. They were detained for acts of vandalism and assault on police officers.

A wave of protests and riots swept through the cities of the United States after the death in Minneapolis as a result of the arrest of African American George Floyd by the police. Videos appeared on the Internet in which the police handcuffed Floyd, knocked him down and fell on him three, one of them stepping on his neck with his knee. Floyd on the video several times says that he can’t breathe, then calms down. He died in intensive care. After the riots started, four policemen were fired, one of them was accused of murder, and the rest of aiding.

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