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Home News Police tracked and arrested drug dealers thanks to the movie, "John Wick"

Police tracked and arrested drug dealers thanks to the movie, “John Wick”


Italian policemen, thanks to the action movie “John Wick”, seized a consignment of drugs, which consisted of 500 dummies of coffee beans filled with cocaine, weighing 150 grams, TMZ reports.

According to the newspaper, the prohibited substance was transported from Colombia. At the Milan airport, officers noticed a strange bag of coffee that one of the passengers was carrying. The name of the customer was written on the packaging “Santino D’Antonio”.

The police turned out to be fans of the movies about “John Wick” and immediately remembered that that was the name of the mafia boss, with whom the hero Keanu Reeves fought in the second part of the franchise.

Later it turned out that the package was addressed to a tobacco shop located in Florence. There, police officers and arrested the 50-year-old recipient.

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