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Poland presidential elections: Tszaskowski petitions highest court in the land


Rafal Tszaskowski, the presidential challenger to Andrzej Duda, has petitioned the Polish Supreme Court to rule that the results of the presidential elections held this Sunday as invalid.

The head of Poland Andrzej Duda won the next presidential election by a small margin, defeating Rafal Tszaskowski.

“We demand that these elections be declared invalid,” said Boris Budka, head of the largest opposition party Civic Platform.

He stated that the presidential elections “were not equal or fair, did not meet democratic standards.”

“In the electoral protest that we are submitting to the Supreme Court, we demand that the elections be declared invalid,”

Boris Budka.

According to him, the protest describes “a number of factors that influenced the fact that these elections were unfair.” He explained that, in particular, β€œwe are talking about attracting public finances, attracting public television.”

Earlier, the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) reported that, “as in the first round of elections, public television was distinguished by the support of one side,” and “high-ranking government officials, including the Prime Minister, participated in the election campaign which gave Duda an additional advantage. “

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