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Pakistan court overturns death penalty for ex-president


A court in Pakistan declared the death sentence imposed in absentia in December 2019 against former President Pervez Musharraf unconstitutional. The court examined the request of Musharraf and overturned the sentence.

The Lahore High Court ruled that the special tribunal formed to try the ex-president was not legal. Musharraf’s defense team had petitioned the high court following the tribunal’s conviction last December that the former army general was guilty of imposing emergency laws in violation of the constitution during his rule.

A criminal case against Musharraf was initiated in 2013 at the initiative of the Government of Pakistan. He was brought in due to the fact that in 2007 Musharraf imposed a state of emergency in the country after the court decided to consider the legitimacy of his re-election. Then the president ordered the arrest of members of the Supreme Court and suspended the constitution.

“As far as my health is concerned, I am now feeling better”

Musharraf says the special court that tried him in intervals from 2014 to 2019 rejected his requests to record a statement in Dubai. He had been living in there since 2016, when he left Pakistan to receive medical treatment.

A Pakistani court ousted ex-premier Sharif in 2017 on corruption charges. He is currently staying in London for medical treatment on bail.

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