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NiTRON, Formula 1 and Mission Impossible – Cancellations due to coronavirus fears


The coronavirus epidemic became the reason for the cancellation of a number of events. These included the Tron startup conference and the Binance exchange, as well as The Geneva Auto Show.

Startup Tron canceled its annual niTROn summit due to the coronavirus, as reported on the event’s official website. It was supposed to be held from February 29 to March 1 in Seoul, South Korea, but was postponed indefinitely. The project team offers a refund if the tickets have already been purchased, or upgrade to the VIP level.

This is not the only blockchain event affected by the spread of the disease. Because of it, the Binance Blockchain Week conference in Vietnam and the Blockchain Week 2020 forum in Hong Kong were also canceled. At the same time, the Coinbase exchange has developed a plan for combating coronavirus inside the company, providing for the full transition of employees to remote work.

Resonance outside the crypto industry

The coronvirus epidemic caused an even greater resonance outside the crypto industry. For example on February 28, the Geneva Motor Show was canceled. The Swiss government has banned public events that can be attended by more than 1,000 people because of the threat of the spread of the disease.

For the same reasons, in early February, the leadership of Formula 1 decided to cancel the “Chinese Grand Prix”, this is the first such case since 2011. The racing weekend was supposed to be held on April 17-19, because of his pass Liberty Media, the owner of Formula 1, according to experts, could lose about $43 million.

At the same time, the appearance of coronavirus infected in Italy provoked the premature end of the Venetian carnival. Also, the shooting of the seventh part of the film “Mission Impossible” was suspended in the country.

The Eurovision Music Festival, scheduled for mid-May in the Netherlands, was also called into question. Leading Dutch virologist Ab Otserhaus called for the cancellation of the event, since it is not safe to collect so many people from around the world in Rotterdam.

The spread of coronavirus also affected the development of the Chinese national cryptocurrency. Government organizations involved in creating the digital RMB remained quarantined.

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