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New study: coronavirus is equally contagious for children


A group of international scientists found that the risk of infection with the novel coronavirus COVID-19 in children is about the same as in adults.

Scientists have studied coronavirus data collected in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. The study showed that there is no significant difference between the incidence rates among children under the age of ten and among the adult population.

The study involved epidemiologists from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (USA), the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Shenzhen (China), and a branch of Harbin Polytechnic University in Shenzhen.

Research was carried out in Shenzhen. Scientists studied not only sick people (391 people), but also people who had close contact with them (1,286 people).

Scientists found that in the group in contact with the sick, 7% of children under the age of ten years and 8% of adults became infected, that is, the indicators are almost the same.

Thus, evidence has been obtained that children can easily become infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus, said Ben Cowling, an epidemiologist at the University of Hong Kong.

A number of Western scientists have previously argued that children are less susceptible to infection with the new coronavirus, and older people are at particular risk.

By March 6, 100,000 people were infected with coronavirus in the world, including over 80,000 people in China. More than 3.3 thousand people have died.

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