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Medvedev’s opinion about the recent mass resignation of government officials


The president should be free and not look back at any factors, which inclues the factor of the government as well, the former prime minister said.

Former Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev explained the resignation of his government by the tasks of political renewal of the country. He said this in an interview with the FIrst Russian Channel on January 19.

The message of Russian President Vladimir Putin outlined large-scale tasks to update the political system, including the government, parliament, the president himself and the judicial system, Medvedev said.

“In order to make all these decisions, the president must be absolutely free to discuss and take them without regard to any other factors. Including the factor of the government,” the former Prime Minister said.

He considers time to be the second factor. For almost eight years, Medvedev has performed the powers of the Prime Minister: “It was, after all, a very long, difficult job involved in making decisions on extremely difficult issues. This also needs to be taken into account.”

Medvedev is not surprised at his new position. According to him, the deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia is an important and necessary position.

“And when the president proposed to become deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, I naturally agreed,” he said.

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