The third passenger of the Diamond Princess cruise ship died of coronavirus. This is a Japanese citizen who was 80 years old. Past victims of the disease from this ship were also Japanese over the age of eighty. Around the world, nearly 2,500 people died from coronavirus. Infected over 78 thousand. A sharp increase in the number of cases noted in Italy and the Republic of Korea.

Closed shops and schools, empty streets. The Italian Codogno has become a ghost town in recent days. At the entrance to the pharmacy – a sign “Masks are sold out.” Here in northern Italy is the epicenter of the outbreak. Some patients are already in intensive care. Over the past day, the number of cases of coronavirus infection has increased five times at once. Isolated 11 communes with a population of more than 50 thousand people.

“We decided that we will forbid entry and exit to places where outbreaks of the disease have been recorded. Mass events and training activities have been postponed in these areas. The Minister of Sports announced that all sporting events in the Veneto and Lombardy regions have been rescheduled”

Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte

These measures apply to the three matches of the Italian football championship in the top division. When the canceled matches will take place is still unknown. The restrictions apply even to parishioners of churches – they are advised not to shake hands.

At the entrance to the hospital of the city of Cremona is a long line. People themselves come here to check for the presence of the disease. To make the reception of patients faster, a special tent is being erected near the hospital.

Authorities are ready to accept the Wuhan model of containment COVID-2019

“We test a very large number of people. Today we have about 13% of positive test results. The scale of the infection is obvious”

Giulio Gallera, Lombardy’s Health Advisor.

The Italian press writes that authorities are ready to accept the Wuhan model of containment COVID-2019. They plan to attract the military to comply with quarantine. And in case of violation, criminal penalties may apply. Now there are more than 200 people in mandatory quarantine.

Local residents complain that they don’t know anything and feel insecure because the situation may worsen.

“Due to security concerns, the authorities asked to close the store for at least three days. We hope that the situation will improve and we can return to normal life and open the store. But now there is a lot of panic”

Local residents in Lombardy

Republic of Korea also showing sharp rise in COVID-2019 cases

The most critical situation in connection with the coronavirus outside of mainland China is in the Republic of Korea. There, the number of infected per day increased by another third. There are dead.

“The situation with coronavirus has reached a critical point. The next few days will be crucial. We must not only quickly identify infected patients, but also prevent the spread of the virus. The government raises the threat level to the highest level”

President of the Republic of Korea Moon Jae In

According to the authorities of South Korea , the outbreak is of a national scale. They promised to provide support to those regions where the situation is the most difficult.

As of Sunday Korea has reported 602 cases of the virus with 6 deaths in total. That number has been growing rapidly.