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Is Russia preparing troops to assist Lukashenko?


Russian President Vladimir Putin said he created a reserve of law enforcement officers to help Belarus, if the need arises.

According to Putin, his Belarusian colleague Alexander Lukashenko asked “to form a certain reserve of law enforcement officers.”

“And I did it. But we also agreed that it will not be used until the situation gets out of control,”


Putin stressed that Russia has a security obligation to Belarus. So he replied to the remark that earlier Lukashenko stated that when it comes to the military component, Minsk has an agreement with Russia within the framework of the Union State and the CSTO, and that the head of Belarus allegedly agreed with Putin that, if necessary, Minsk would be provided with assistance.

“There is no need to hide something, there are relevant articles that say that all member states of these organizations, including the Union State, and there are only two member states – Russia and Belarus, should provide each other with assistance and in the defense of sovereignty, external borders and in the protection of stability. It says so,”

Vladimir Putin.

“So, in this regard, of course, we have obligations to Belarus, and Alexander Lukashenko raised the question. He raised the question that he would like us to provide him with appropriate assistance, if necessary. I said that Russia will fulfill all their obligations ,”


First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Vladimir Dzhabarov believes that Russia will intervene in the situation in Belarus if the opposition seizes state institutions, banks or allows other use of force, but this will happen only as a last resort and in case of a corresponding appeal from the official Minsk.

He pointed out that the escalation of tension continues in Belarus, “the conductors of which are sitting abroad, and not even in Poland or Lithuania, but in the West.” At the same time, Dzhabarov expressed the hope that the statements made by Putin on Belarus “will warn many and cool hot heads.”

In Belarus, after the presidential elections on August 9, massive protest actions of the opposition began, which did not recognize the voting results.

According to official data, over 6,700 people were detained in the first days. Hundreds of peaceful protesters suffered during the riots.

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