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Iran’s coronavirus outbreak might be much bigger than anyone thought


Iran braces itself for a problem that could be much bigger than originally reported

When the very government official who is downplaying the magnitude of Iran’s coronavirus problem contracts the virus, we can only assume that the outbreak could indeed be bigger than anyone originally thought.

Today, Deputy Health Minister of Iran, Iraj Harirchi, tweeted that he contracted the coronavirus and is currently being treated.

After being diagnosed and confirmed with the virus, Harirchi has been quarantine in Tehran Hospital. Suspicions of his infection of the coronavirus came during a press conference where he looked unwell and had a persistent cough.

Apparently Harirchi contracted the virus when he came in contact in a hospital while visiting those who were infected.

Iran is officially saying 15 dead from coronavirus

According to Al Arabiya, 50 are dead from the coronavirus in Qom alone. This information is coming from the city’s representative, MP Ahmad Amirabadi Farhani. This could illustrate that Iran is ill prepared to properly report the scope of the coronavirus outbreak.

2nd government official tests positive for coronavirus

Iranian MP Mahmud Sadagi also tesed positive for the novel coronavirus. When 2 goverment officials, 1 being the Deputy Health Minister, it stands to reason that the severity of the outbreak in Iran could very well be under reported.

There is an argument to be made about the lack preparedness of Iran as a nation to tackle the coronavirus outbreak, when the top health official in the country contracts the deadly virus.

One would think that the procedures within the government during a deadly virus outbreak would prevent such an incident involving a top government official. The nation now wonders, if Iran cannot keep its highest ranking health officials safe, how can it protect its citizens?

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is urging citizens to remain calm. He states, “not to panic. We will overcome the virus safely.” Many media outlets are reporting that Iran is grossly under-reporting the magnitude of the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

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