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Decrease in mortality from coronavirus in Italy


(Financial News) The number of deaths in Italy over the last day from a disease caused by a new coronavirus and its consequences was 601, 50 less than a day ago.

The head of the Italian Civil Protection Department, Angelo Borrelli, informed the world public about this, stressing that the death rate is being recorded on the second day.

On March 22, the deaths of 651 people were reported, and on the 21st, an anti-record was reached – almost 800 dead.

According to Borelli, now the total number of cases in Italy is 50,418, and more than 6,000 have been cured – dead. Among them, 24 medical workers, some of whom were retired, assisted colleagues.

In total, almost 64 thousand people have been infected since the beginning of the epidemic in Italy.

The first Italian who fell ill, 38-year-old Mattia from the city of Codogno in northern Lombardy, was discharged from the clinic, where he arrived on February 19. Due to the fact that he was not immediately given a coronavirus test, the man managed to infect several people, including relatives. As a result, Mattia’s father died, while the pregnant wife of a man who had a mild illness was discharged almost two weeks ago.

On March 11, the World Health Organization recognized the coronavirus epidemic as a pandemic. Today, more than 373 thousand people are infected in the world, more than 101 thousand have been cured, more than 16 thousand have died.

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