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Coronavirus spreads through Europe


The Chinese managed to contain the epidemic within the country, but several new outbreaks appeared in the world.

Coronavirus number of cases rapidly skyrockets in northern Italy

The total number of people infected as a result of the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 infection in the country exceeded 320 people – this is the largest number among European countries. Up until now, 11 patients died.

Moreover, as early as the morning of February 21, only four were confirmed infected in the country, and by February 24, this figure jumped to 229. Most of the cases were detected in northern Italy, namely in the regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna. However, there are also several cases in Rome and in Sicily.

Authorities, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, have introduced precautions in the regions, as well as a mandatory quarantine in several cities in Lombardy and Veneto. Residents in these areas are forbidden to leave the confines of the municipalties and it is recommended to stay at home. It is impossible to get there from other parts of the country. Milan Cathedral was also closed for visitors, many companies in the city transferred employees to remote work. For the first time in many years, the traditional Venice Carnival ended.

Against the background of what is happening, the forecasts for the country’s economy are unfavorable: tourists can begin to refuse trips en masse, which in turn can lead to a recession. At the same time, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte believes that measures to prevent the spread of the virus will be felt in the coming days. According to him, there is no need to limit trips to the country, because restrictions apply only in a few areas.

Price of medical supplies skyrocket

Meanwhile, an investigation was launched in the country due to a sharp increase in the price of face masks in online stores.

“The price of masks rose from one cent to 10 euros, and a liter bottle of disinfectant, which was sold for 7 euros last week, could be found for even 39 euros yesterday”.

Milan Deputy Chief Prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano.

From Italy, the virus is spreading to other European countries


February 25, it became known about the first infected in Austria, Croatia, Switzerland and Romania. According to local authorities, all the sick have recently visited Italy.

Croatian Prime Minister Andrei Plenkovich said that the only person infected in the country was hospitalized in a hospital in Zagreb.

“This is a young man, he has moderate symptoms. He is in isolation, his condition is currently good, ”

Andrei Plenkovich

The country’s health minister indicated that the man was in Milan from February 19 to 21.


In Austria, two Italians fell ill in the territory of the federal state of Tyrol. According to the local health service, they were most likely infected during a visit to Italian Lombardy.


In Switzerland, a 70-year-old man fell ill who was in a neighboring country about 10 days ago and took part in an event near Milan. A similar situation is with the infected from Romania: he was in Italy three weeks ago.

The virus is detected in a total of 12 European countries. Infected were also detected in Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Finland, France, Sweden.

South Korea has 977 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus

The Republic of Korea became the second most coronavirus infected nation after China when it surpassed Japan. Remember, hundreds of tourists contracted the coronavirus on a cruise ship.

The number of cases of infection in the country increased to 977, of which 11 people died, including a citizen of Mongolia.

More than two thirds of the cases are related to a religious group called the Church of Jesus Sinchonji. It is believed that the first was a 61-year-old woman who then attended services in the city of Daegu and infected other members of the sect. Presumably, it was from this area to the neighboring province of Gyeongsangbuk-do.

South Koreans demanded to close the sect, but the church recalled that its parishioners were victims of COVID-19 as well. The organization also provided the country’s authorities with lists of names of 200 thousand members: they intend to check all of them for the virus.

In addition, it became known that the sick are in the army. According to Minister of Defense Jeong Kyeong-doo, 13 cases have been confirmed. Because of this, the number of joint military exercises with the United States may be reduced.

Iran follows the death toll after China

According to the latest information from the Ministry of Health, at least 95 people were infected with the novel coronavirus in the country.

At the same time, the number of deaths rose to 15 (according to media reports – to 16), which made the country a leader in terms of casualties outside of China. In the Islamic Republic, due to the outbreak of infection, a number of concerts and football matches were canceled, and classes in schools and universities were suspended in many parts of the country.

Among the cases in Iran is the Deputy Minister of Health of Iran, Iraj Harirchi. The official reportedly isolated himself from others in order to prevent the spread of infection. He only cares about the temperature, he does not feel too bad.

The virus was first detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan

A coronavirus outbreak was first recorded in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019. Symptoms of the disease are fever, fatigue and cough with sputum. The virus is transmitted from person to person. The incubation period of the disease can be up to 27 days, which significantly complicates the containment of the epidemic. At the same time, data appear that even after recovery, re-infection is possible.

Where exactly the virus came from is still unknown. The most popular version is that it was transmitted to the “null patient” from the bat, but it also needs confirmation. At the same time, the strain is similar in genetic structure to SARS – the coronavirus of severe acute respiratory syndrome, which provoked an epidemic of so-called SARS in 2002-2003.

Due to the outbreak, China introduced tough measures: in Wuhan and a number of neighboring regions, quarantine was announced, the country canceled or restricted transport links. As a result, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the epidemic in the country has already passed the peak on February 2 and has been weakening ever since. In particular, on February 24, a total of nine new cases of infection were reported – the minimum number since January 20. At the same time, the likelihood of an epidemic escalating into a pandemic still exists, according to WHO.

According to a project by Johns Hopkins University, the total number of cases in the world is about 80.3 thousand. Of these, more than 2.7 thousand died, and over 27.8 thousand were cured. In addition to China, COVID-19 cases have been identified in more than 30 countries.

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