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A week of events that change our world forever


(Financial News) The past week will go down in history as a week of events that never happened until now. It will go down as a week of events that will change our world forever.

To begin with, the Schengen zone collapsed. Border controls were restored by Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland and Lithuania. The Schengen zone allows for the freedom of movement within 26 European countries and it is now gone.

These are just the first steps to abandon the charms of globalization in favor of the restoration of nation-states. A month ago it was impossible to imagine such a thing. Today it is a reality

In fact, this is the collapse of the European idea and the transition to a different political culture with a change of values. All these words about solidarity, mutual assistance, common values, human rights and humanism was blown away by the wind when Italy, where more people died from coronavirus than in China, asked the EU for help, but it was all but outright refused.

Italy requested personal protective equipment and medical equipment, in particular for mechanical ventilation. In response, Germany and France restricted the export of medical masks from their countries.

Instead, Italy received ventilators only from China – a thousand pieces, plus 50 thousand COVID-19 tests, millions of masks and tens of thousands of protective suits.

Italy is a participant in the project “One belt – one way.” And so it turned out that solidarity within the global Chinese project was much more solid than with its own EU. The Chinese also assisted by sending doctors to Italy.

The lack of materials and equipment in Italy led to the fact that doctors began to sort, which patients to treat and which ones not to treat. They treat, as a rule, those who are younger and stronger. The rest are left to die in the hospital corridor.

The collapse of the European idea

Obviously, what is happening in Italy will have consequences for not just Italy but the entire EU. Inside Italy, most likely, the government will change, and “Eurosceptics” will come to power again. .

In any case, Italy’s relations with the EU are now on the rocks. And Italy, together with Germany and France, is now in the top three EU nation states. But why should Italy show solidarity with with the EU, because when the country needed Europe, the EU turned away completely.

Serbian President Alexandar Vučić called “European solidarity” “fairy tales on paper”. Serbia is an EU candidate country.

“When the EU needed Serbian money, then it demanded that the tender conditions be changed so that European companies received contracts. When trouble came and it became hard, Serbian money does not help either. Thank them very much for that, believe me, I will find a way to ‘thank them'”

Aleksandar Vučić

A world changing week

A world changing week. Germany said it is suspending its refugee program.

In the meantime, Euro 2020 football is postponed for a year. This has never happened before. The date of The Cannes Festival has never been postponed yet – it has shifted so far from May to the end of June. Film premieres are also canceled. “Black Widow” with Scarlett Johansson. “No time to die,” where Daniel Craig plays Bond for the last time. “Fast and the Furious-9” is also canceled. “Peter-2 Rabbit” for children postponed until August. This has never happened before.

Even filming of movies has stopped. “Mission Impossible 7” in Italy – stop. London shots of the new Batman, Matrix 4 in Berlin and San Francisco are also frozen.

Filming is canceled all over the planet – from New Zealand to the Czech Republic, from Venice to Vancouver. Cinemas around the world are empty. There have never been such problems in the movie industry.

The leading museums of Europe – the Louvre, the Colosseum, the Sagrada de Familia, have never been closed at the same time. The Eiffel Tower is empty. And there is no one to look at the pissing boy in Brussels. This has never happened before.

Paris is empty during the day. Even during the Nazi occupation, people walked at the streets, because the curfew was only at night, and now it’s practically locked up around the clock.

Never before in Ireland did they cancel the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Now silence.

Universities are teaching remotely. Kids are not in school. People are not at work.

In such circumstances, the European Union closed the entry into its territory for foreign nationals. So far – for 30 days. This has never happened. Exceptions are only for diplomats and those who are engaged in the fight against coronavirus.

How will it all end? The epidemic will pass. The scars will remain, how deep depends on how we handle the situation today.

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