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OPINION: Where’s Joe? Biden’s Disappearance Has Voters Concerned; Turning to Sanders


Being this is an election year (and you know…crisis) there are many things a Democratic challenger should be doing; especially since should they win they’ll effectively inherit a country still reeling/in recovery from the coronavirus. As a voter, you’d hope to see candidates communicating with the public as much as possible; providing guidance whilst using their time to help set the legislative agenda; acting as a driving force in the party’s response to the emergency the country is facing.

Despite some campaign setbacks, and a few losses in key states, Sanders has been front and center fighting for the American people during the coronavirus pandemic. From fiery speeches on Senate floor to hosting public Q&A’s on social platforms, Sanders has more than shown his capability to lead American citizens during this time of crisis. The same cannot be said for Joe Biden, who at this point seems more concerned about maintaining his position over Sanders rather than reassuring/helping the American people find solutions to the problems they’re facing during this pandemic.

Sanders, whose time is split in between his home in Vermont and the US Senate, has maintained a large public presence through press conferences and live-streamed events; where he has given updates on the crisis, suggested new ideas for dealing with it, and answering questions posed by the public. Additionally, Sanders ideas are only being further legitimized by the crisis; making the case for affordable access to healthcare for all, as well as expanded social programs for struggling Americans. Beyond that, Sanders has expressed various proposals aimed at easing the economic strain millions of Americans face because of the coronavirus. This includes $2000 direct payments to every American, emergency universal Medicare coverage, and an oversight agency to fight price-gouging.

Biden on the other hand has failed to provide any kind of reassurance to the American people; drastically limiting his public/online appearances. Biden has shown a lack of specific bold direction/proposals for dealing with the coronavirus.

Sanders has proven himself to be more than competent, displaying qualities befitting that of a president; whereas Biden just so clearly lacks.

Alex Took
Alex is a staff writer for Financial News where he focuses primarily on politics, business, and government.

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