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Some States to Begin Reopening Within A Week


Recently President Trump unveiled guidelines for states that outlined stages for the reopening of businesses. Trumps plan outlines 3 phases; serving as more of a recommendation rather than binding authority that state governments need to follow. The plan also stipulates that before a region considers reopening that there first be a recorded decline of Covid infections within a 14 day period. 

Once there’s been a documented decline, regions could enter phase 1 of the plan. This limits brings the social gatherings limit up to 10 people, though schools will still remain closed and it will still be recommended that no person partake in any non-essential travel.

Phase 2 would allow for non-essential travel to resume, as well as allow the re-opening of schools and some bars and restaurants. Social gatherings limit will be up to 50 people. At this stage it is still recommended to adhere to social distancing guidelines. 

For the first 2 phases, higher at-risk individuals will still be encouraged to stay home. And as for everyone else, face coverings, smart hygiene, and telecommuting will still be recommended. 

The final phase individuals should safely be able to see some normalcy come back to their public life, with at-risk individuals being able to re-engage as well as the end of restrictions for staffing in workplaces. It’s been recommended that phase 3 only be implemented when community leaders are confident that is no evidence of a second wave of Covid infections. 

Some states have already announced plans to lift restrictions that are currently in place. 

In Texas, stores will soon re-open for retail to go, and medical procedures which were restricted will be able to resume. On April 20, Texas parks will reopen for recreational activity, so long as certain guidelines are followed by visitors. Schools in Texas are still expected to remain closed through the remainder of the school year.

Texas Governor Abbott also announced the establishment of a Strike Force; made up of medical experts and public/private leaders who are expected to advise the Governor on a safe and strategic means for reopening the state. 

Governors in North Dakota and Idaho announced that all nonessential businesses will be able to reopen on May 1st. Ohio’s Governor stated that they will start their own slow reopening on the same date.

In the coming days other states are likely to follow with their own plans for reopening. 

Alex Took
Alex is a staff writer for Financial News where he focuses primarily on politics, business, and government.

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