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Tesla valued more than Ford and GM combined


The market capitalization of the electric vehicle manufacturer exceeded $ 88 billion. This is more than the combined total valutation of General Motors and Ford.

Tesla’s capitalization for the first time exceeded the value of the two largest US automakers – Ford and General Motors – combined. Only on the basis of trading on January 8, the value of Tesla securities on the NASDAQ stock exchange rose by almost 5% (by 17.6% since the beginning of the year). As a result of which its capitalization amounted to $ 88.7 billion, while the value of GM was about $ 50 billion, and Ford – $ 37 billion.

After the opening of trading on January 9, the value of Tesla’s securities slightly decreased. But this did not help its rivals to recoup. Tesla’s capitalization was about $ 87.8 billion, GM – $ 50.3 billion, and Ford – $ 36.5 billion.

Tesla’s nominal present value is greater than what Ford has ever reached. In a record year for itself, 1999, the company cost $ 80.8 billion. However, in terms of 2020 this is approximately $124 billion.

For the first time, Tesla surpassed Ford in market capitalization on April 3, 2017. Already on April 10 its value exceeded GM’s capitalization.

Currently, Tesla is one of the most expensive car manufacturers in the world, third only to Toyota ($ 195 billion) and Volkswagen ($ 90 billion).

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