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Jeff Bezos could become the world’s first trillionaire in 2026


Comparisun analysts ranked future trillionaires. According to them, the first name to be added to this list could be Jeff Bezos, and they are predicting that this will happen in 2026. The status of the youngest trillionaire in history, experts predicted Zuckerberg.

The first person whose fortune will exceed $1 trillion may be Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who is now the richest man on the planet. This is stated in a study on the Comparisun Small Business Advice Service.

According to company experts, Bezos’s leadership will not be hindered by the loss of $38 billion from a divorce, nor by the coronavirus pandemic. Bezos’ equity valuation has grown over the past five years at an average rate of 34% per year. This could potentially lead to him becoming the first trillionaire in the world as early as 2026, when he will be 62 years old, analysts say.

According to the Forbes rating, the state of Bezos on May 15, 2020 is estimated at $143.9 billion.

In the list of candidates for the trillion following the founder of Amazon, there is a developer from China Xu Jiayin. According to analysts at Comparisun, he will become a trillionaire a year after Bezos. Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma is in third place, his capital can overcome the trillion mark in 2030.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has every chance of becoming the seventh in a row, but the youngest trillionaire in history – according to the forecast, this will happen in 2036, when he will be 51 years old.

An explanation of the forecast methodology states that for the analysis, data on the growth of capital of 25 leaders of the Forbes list over the past five years were selected. Of these, the average annual capital gain was obtained, which was extrapolated to the future.

Comparisun also predicted by a similar technique companies that would be valued at more than $1 trillion in the coming years. Apple and Microsoft have already overcome this bar. By the end of 2020, Google and Amazon may cost more than $1 trillion, Facebook will overcome this bar in 2022, next year Berkshire Hathway and Visa will become “trillionaires”, Alibaba in 2024, and Mastercard in 2025.

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