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Former exec at Apple says Amazon is in trouble


Ron Johnson, the former SVP of Apple Retail who over saw Apple’s retail stores along side Steve Jobs, knows a thing or two about the retail. Mr. Johnson pioneered the concept of the Apple Store and helped it grow to a worldwide phenomenon.

It is safe to say that Ron Johnson, knows a thing or two about retail, and he has some ominous predictions about retail giant, Amazon.

He believes after dominating retail for the better part of the last decade that Amazon is coming to a crossroads. He states, I think the next decade is tough for amazon, they are on their heels,” Johnson said in an interview. He goes on to say, “Amazon is in an interesting place.”

And you would think this has everything to do with government regulators poking around the retail giant, and if you thought this, you would be wrong. Instead this has everything to do with legacy brick and mortar retailers learning from Amazon’s business model and adapting to this new model.

Till now, Amazon stood alone as the only game in town, but now big retailers such as Target and Walmart are beginning to turn the pain of the last decade into a learning experience, and they seem to be catching on quick.

In fact, Walmart has almost 4,800 stores in the US and almost 11,800 worldwide. They are leveraging the stock of merchandise in their stores and using these locations as distribution points in their door-to-door supply chain. This could get interesting as scales of economy kick in.

Until now, Amazon has gone largely unchallenged as the king of retail, however now these brick and mortar businesses could be able to utilize their existing legacy infrastructure in an entirely new way to not only compete with amazon, but potentially beat them at their own game.

This could prove to be a problem for Amazon in the long term, the next decade could be very interesting for the retail giant.

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