Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Along with other indices, Dow slides 200 points


(Financial News) – The Dow, along with other major indices took a beating today sliding over 200 points at the time of this writing. The markets are on track to close out the year on anything but a high note if the Dow slides any more.

Dow Slides due to short term pressure or market trend?

Either this could be short term pressure to close out the year and take profits, or it could be a trend of things to come in the market.

The equities markets are due for a market correction, it is just a matter of when. Fortune is predicting that the S&P is due for a 25% correction.

If the Dow Slides further, what does this mean for Trump’s re-election efforts?

Many are worried that if the Dow slides it will hurt Trump’s re-election efforts as the incumbent commander-in-chief is normally credited with the economy’s success as well as failures. Going into an election year on anything but a high note could spell trouble for the trump campaign and his re-election efforts.

Trump has built much of his re-election efforts around a strong economy and anything but that could strongly hurt his re-election efforts as we enter the election year.

Keep an eye out for updates as the story develops.

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