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Demand for virtual babysitting grows exponentially in US


Before the pandemic, babysitters normally spent several hours with the children they were watching, and now they can be hired for a short period of time while the parent cleans, works or takes a shower.

In the United States, the demand for virtual baby sitters has sharply increased, which prompted existing companies to train their employees in techniques that help keep children’s attention on the screen.

As the name implies, virtual baby sitting done virtually through a tablet, smartphone or computer with a nanny on is setup with a camera as well as the child to create a session engaging the child with virtual nanny.

The American firm called The Babysitting Company was one of the first to notice the growing need for virtual childcare assistance.

The company announced that a 45-minute nanny chat would cost parents $36.00.

“f they told me that we would do this, I would never believe it. This is a profession based on personal contact.

Rachel Charlupsky, founder of Babysitting Company.

She said that working with children through a computer is more difficult, so the service had to retrain its employees.

Now each baby sitter on the company’s roster prepares a video session plan in advance based on the age and interests of the child. The nanny offers the child a list of potential activities such as drawing, singing, meditation, Legos or dance among others. Often children have their own ideas and request for the nanny.

For example, one child spent 45 minutes, brought toy food by the camera and pretended to feed his nanny.

Rachel Charlupsky

The director of the company is confident that the demand for virtual nanny services in the United States will grow even more, since the school year, albeit a virtual one, ends in a month.

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