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White house: Trump tests negative for coronavirus


There are tough times in the USA with the coronavirus, where almost 3 thousand people are sick. Donald Trump introduced a 30-day ban on entering the United States from Europe. And then he went even further – introduced a nationwide national emergency.

National Guard units have been dispatched in New York. They help distribute food packages to residents of the state. In packages – cereals, pasta, tomato paste, canned food. Such a small grocery set, which the family should last for about 3 days. Help for the poor and the elderly, schoolchildren and students who were sent to quarantine. There are already 2 dead and more than 500 infected in New York State.

A synagogue in the suburbs of New York is on of the epicenters from which the infection spread throughout the state. Recently, a sick young man came here who infected his relatives and friends.

Authorities are considering to suspend travel between the most infected areas of the US. The Pentagon has already restricted travel around the country to military personnel. A national emergency is in effect.

Those with symptoms will be screened for coronavirus for free and, most importantly, quickly. Mobile units began to deploy around the country. You don’t even need to get out of the car to get a coronavirus test.

Temperature up to 37C to enter the White House

With a thermometer, a doctor checks the journalists who enter the Trump press conference. As it appears there have been too many coronavirus close calls for the President in recent days. The President shook hands with the president of Brazil, whose suspected coronavirus, talked with the mayor of Miami, whose infection is confirmed amongst others.

“I passed the test. The study will take 1-2 days, everything is sent to the laboratory”

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is healthy – the conclusion came on March 14th. Although the US president is still at risk, he is 73, so keeping him away from the virus is of the utmost importance.

This pandemic will define Trump’s presidency

In the midst of an epidemic, Trump enters what is perhaps the biggest test of his presidency. What steps will be taken that will lead to a second term or put an end to re-election.

So far, protecting the country from infection has not worked out very well. In the United States, only 10 thousand tests were conducted in the first several weeks of the epidemic, and South Korea administers this many in a day.

America faced a shortage of tests and patients were examined selectively based on very strict criteria.

“This is a failure. Let’s admit it. You report the symptoms of the disease, the doctor prescribes an examination, and you get it. In such a simple way as in other countries, we did not set up our system. Should we have done so? Yes. But we didn’t do that”

Anthony Fauci, Director of the Institute of Allergic and Infectious Diseases.

The coronavirus is affecting the 2020 presidential election campaign

Democrats condemn Trump for slowness. Democratic candidates canceled mass meetings and communicate with supporters via the Internet.

Because of the coronavirus, party voting is postponed. For the summer, the primaries in Louisiana and Georgia were moved. Because of the epidemic, museums are closing down, Hollywood studios have interrupted the shooting, and the fans have no games to watch – the NHL and the NBA done until further notice.

New York is not recognizable. In Times Square, not a sou. The heart of America seemed to have lost its rhythm, as the country adapts to life with the coronavirus.

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