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US House of Representatives considers impeachment against Trump


The US House of Representatives has begun to consider the issue of impeachment of incumbent President Donald Trump.

An article on “incitement to mutiny” was brought for discussion of congressmen. The document requires impeachment of the president and prohibiting him from holding any elected office in the future. Trump is also accused of committing “particularly serious crimes and delinquencies.”

The resolution may be voted on on the same day: the Democratic-controlled House of Congress is expected to pass it.

After that, the case will go to the Senate, which, however, leaves the vacation only on January 19 – the day before the inauguration of the new President Joe Biden, so a full-fledged process will not be carried out before Trump’s term expires. In addition, as experts predict, impeachment in the upper house is unlikely to receive support by two-thirds of the vote.

In this regard, the likelihood of impeachment after Trump’s departure from the presidency is already being discussed. There is no consensus on this, and the Democrats in Congress have not yet indicated their position. For them, such an outcome means the opportunity to bar Trump from holding elected office, which will close his path to participation in elections in 2024.

Recently, the House of Representatives passed a resolution inviting Vice President Mike Pence to implement the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, which would transfer presidential powers to him. This will be possible if Pence and more than half of the Cabinet of Ministers agree to admit that Trump is unable to fulfill his duties. However, the vice president refused to do so.

At a January 6 during the protest in Washington, Trump urged supporters to go to the Capitol to “help weak Republicans” challenge the presidential election. The crowd burst into the building and interrupted the joint session of Congress, where the victory of Democrat Joe Biden was claimed. As a result, five people died.

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