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Trump’s leadership during coronavirus pandemic


(Financial News) US President Donald Trump can prove that he is the leader that the country needs in a crisis and coronavirus pandemic. Politico columnist Zachary Karabell made his cased regarding this.

Krabell recalled criticism regarding US leadership that said the administration was too late to tackle the threat of coronavirus: authorities failed to prepare comprehensive coverage testing and refused to use government authority to coordinate a tactical response.

However, after realizing the scope of the economic and health inferno the president announced unprecedented support measures.

According to Karabell, during previous crisis situations, the US authorities sometimes needed months and even years to realize the need for state financial assistance. Trump, in turn, a week after recognizing the crisis, decided to support the economy: it is a direct payment of money to the Americans, interest-free loans to enterprises, assistance to the sectors most affected by the pandemic.

The author points out that, prior to the pandemic, the head of state followed the traditional economic policies of the Republican Party, which prescribed the reduction of social spending. However, the coronavirus forced him to resort to measures that would support his Democratic opponents. If the unemployment rate soars to ten percent, Trump can expand the free medical care program, against which he has repeatedly spoken out.

If the crisis is successfully overcome, Trump can count on re-election, but the ideology of the Republican Party will be destroyed.

“In a crisis, we are all socialists”

Zachary Karabell

On March 18, an American leader called himself a wartime president because of the threat of a coronavirus. Trump also praised the struggle of US citizens with coronavirus and called the American people “mostly terrific.”

According to the latest data, the number of deaths due to coronavirus reached 16 559, the total number of cases of infection was more than 382 thousand, of which 102 thousand people recovered. The USA is in third place in terms of the number of infections (46.4 thousand). An outbreak of COVID-19 disease caused by a new type of coronavirus was first reported in late December 2019 in Wuhan, China.

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