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Trump closing the gap with Biden in the polls


US President Donald Trump has noticeably closed the voter gap with most likely Democratic contender Joe Biden. This became known from the results of a sociological survey by the SSRS service commissioned by the CNN TV channel.

According to sociologists, Biden remains the favorite in the electoral race, who announced that if he was elected, Senator Kamala Harris would become the vice-presidential candidate. Fifty percent of respondents are ready to vote for the Democrats. Trump and incumbent Vice President Michael Pence received 46 percent of the vote of potential voters.

At the same time, the majority of those surveyed said they were “very enthusiastic” about the upcoming presidential elections, which has become a new record in CNN polls since 2003.

In early June, Biden was ahead of the current resident of the White House with a score of 55 to 41 percent. At the same time, in the 15 American states that are most important in terms of the election outcome, Biden’s rating averages 49 percent, and Trump is one percentage point behind.

Earlier, the site FiveThirtyEight identified the favorite of the confrontation between Biden and Trump. Experts predict that the Democratic candidate will win the November elections with a 72 percent probability. At the same time, the probability of victory for the current head of the White House was 28 percent.

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