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Shooting in DC: 1 dead and 8 wounded


On Sunday evening, July 19, one person was killed, eight more were injured in a shooting in American Washington. This was reported by the local NBC4 channel.

One man died and eight others were injured Sunday evening when suspects opened fire on a busy street corner in D.C.’s Columbia Heights neighborhood, police say.

The shooting occurred at about 5 p.m. at the intersection of 14th Street and Spring Road.

At the same time, rescuers told the TV channel that nine people were shot as a result of the gunmen.

The DC Police Department’s Twitter page contains descriptions of suspected gunmen. The statement notes that one of the suspects was dressed in a black hoodie, and the other in a gray one. The last time they were seen in a dark blue or black car with tinted windows.

It is noted that the police are conducting an investigation.

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