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Russian Foreign Ministry: “Outrageous Cruelty” regarding US police actions against journalists


The Russian Foreign Ministry criticized the actions of the American police against journalists covering the protests. During the riots in Washington, Sputnik journalist Nicole Russell was hit by rubber bullets and injured. According to “Reporters Without Borders”, about 70 journalists, including RIA Novosti, Fox News, CBS, Deutsche Welle and other media outlets, suffered during the riots.

We demand that the US authorities immediately take action to protect journalists from becoming targets of police violence. We note with concern that the situation with media rights in the United States is deteriorating every day.

said in a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Sputnik journalist Nicole Roussell was shot at by rubber bullets, despite showing her press card.

Despite the press badge Roussell was holding up and repeated verbal assurances of her affiliation with the media, the reporter was shot at with rubber bullets and fragmentation grenades that are used by riot police to disperse protesters. As a result, the journalist received numerous injuries, including gunshot wounds. However, the American “law enforcement officers” did not stop there: a police officer shoved the journalist to the ground and literally trampled her.

the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The Russian government called the actions of US authorities a flagrant violation of international legal obligations to ensure the safety of journalists.

Paradoxical as it may seem, this outrageous and unlawful brutality against a representative of the media, which are, in fact, seen as the guarantor of any democratic society, occurred at the White House, an institution that hails America as a model democracy. We urge all international bodies concerned as well as human rights NGOs to respond to this incident.

The reason for the protests was the death of African American George Floyd. He died after a hard detention by Minneapolis police. According to the latest data, curfews have been introduced in more than 40 US cities, and emergency mode in three. About 5 thousand fighters of the National Guard are mobilized in 15 states and Washington. For three days, more than 4.1 thousand people were detained throughout the country. US President Donald Trump praised security officials for working during the riots.

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