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Roger Stone attempts to dispel the theory of Russian collusion


Ex-advisor to US President Donald Trump, Roger Stone, who recently received a sentence communtation, said in an interview with Axios that he intends to write a book to completely dispel the myth of collusion with Russia.

“First, I’m going to write a book about this entire ordeal to, once and for all, put to bed the myth of Russian collusion.”

Donald Trump had earlier reduced his prison sentence to his friend and former informal adviser Roger Stone. He was sentenced to more than three years in prison for obstructing the court as part of the “Russian investigation” of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

He also noted that Trump’s decision to shorten his sentence saved his life:

“I’m asthmatic. Sending me to a prison where I could not be socially distanced … would, I think, be a death sentence.”

Stone promised to support Trump during the election campaign and is confident that he will win the election:

“It’ll be a very tough fight. He’s got three obstacles: voter fraud … internet censorship, which I have just recently experienced myself; and, of course, the constant falsehoods being pushed by the corporate-owned mainstream media. Those all make it a difficult race.”

Trump has repeatedly called Stone’s verdict too harsh. Reducing the term Stone is in the competence of the President of the United States, but it has caused sharp criticism of Trump’s political opponents.

Special Prosecutor Robert Muller confirmed accusations against Russia of “interference in the election” (Moscow denies this), but could not substantiate the assumption of a “conspiracy” of Trump with Moscow, whose presence is denied not only in the Kremlin, but also in the White House.

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