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New sanctions against Iran, supreme leader and other top gov’t officials


US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin and State Department head Mike Pompeo announced new sanctions against Iran, as previously announced by President Donald Trump.

According to Mnuchin, sanctions are imposed in response to Iran’s missile strike at US bases. It is noted that restrictive measures are directed against the 17 largest Iranian producers of steel, aluminum, copper and iron, which collectively bring to the Islamic Republic “billions of dollars annually.” In addition, three companies based in China and the Seychelles were sanctioned citing close relations to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Restrictions are also imposed on eight senior Iranian officials. Including against the secretary of the Supreme National Council of Iran, the commander of the militia “Basij” and some former and current leaders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

The document also notes that at the same time as the restrictive measures that have taken effect, the US president signs a new decree aimed at additional sources of income used by the Iranian regime to finance and support its nuclear program, missile development, terrorism and terrorist organizations, as well as harmful influence in the region. This document gives the Minister of Finance the right, in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to impose sanctions on persons operating in various sectors of the Iranian economy.

The US President announced the introduction of new harsh sanctions against Iran on January 8.

“Proud of sanctions”

Former commander of the IRGC, secretary of the Council of Political Appropriateness, General Mohsen Rezaee said he was proud of the sanctions imposed against him, although he considered them to be “symbolic”.

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