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Iran official urges Trump to not disgrace Persian language


Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi called on American leader Donald Trump to “not dishonor” the Persian language by addressing him. He wrote about this in his twitter account.

“Hands and tongues smeared with threatening, sanctioning and terrorizing the #Iranian nation, are not entitled to dishonor the ancient #Persian_language. By the way, are you actually “standing by” millions of Iranians whose hero you just assassinated or “standing against” them?!”

Earlier, Trump supported a protest in Iran. “The government of Iran must allow human rights groups to monitor and report facts from the ground on the ongoing protests by the Iranian people. There can not be another massacre of peaceful protesters, nor an internet shutdown. The world is watching”

“Resignation is not enough, prosecution is needed”

Massive anti-government protests over the downed Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 aircraft near Tehran began on Saturday, January 11. The reason for the speeches was Tehran’s recognition of his guilt in the tragedy. The action is held under the slogan “Resignation is not enough, prosecution is needed.”

The Boeing 737-800 of Ukraine’s International Airlines (UIA) caught fire and crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran Airport on January 8.

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