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Impeachment Articles could arrive on Senate floor today – Here is what we know so far


At a glance:

  • Articles of impeachment being transmitted to Senate is imminent
  • Republicans dismissing the idea of an outright dismissal
  • Senate has 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats and 2 Independents
  • Pelosi stated, “Senators Will ‘Pay’ Price for Blocking Witnesses”

The transmission of the Articles of Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump is imminent, and the Senate is preparing for this. A trial is expected to begin as soon as this week or next week.

Republican controlled senate could receive Articles of Impeachment as soon as today.

Upon receiving the Articles of Impeachment from the House, the Republican controlled senate would be in the driver’s seat and take over the impeachment proceedings. A senate trial could begin as soon as this week or next week.

Senate appears to reject outright dismissal in favor of a trial hearing both sides

It appears that Senator McConnell’s hope of an outright dismissal of the charges against President Trump is not going to happen. It appears that even Republican Senators are receiving pressure from their bases in favor of a fair and impartial trial.

It is very possible that the Republican party will have defections and have some Republican Senators are expected vote in favor of witnesses

The Republican controlled Senate has some of Trumps most loyal supporters, but some of the more moderate members of the Republican party want to hear both sides of the story and are likely in favor to vote for witnesses. According to CBS News, the senate expects at least 4 defections, and likely more who will vote to call witnesses in the Senate.

The following Senators expected to vote in favor of witnesses

The following Senators are viewed as wild cards who’s vote will be hard to predict

  • Lamar Alexander (R Tennessee)
  • Rand Paul (R Kentucky)

To make calling witnesses a reality, the Senate only needs 51 votes in favor of calling witnesses. As it stands, it looks like there is a very good chance of witnesses being called in the trial phase of President Trump’s Impeachment.

Pelosi’s tactic of holding back the Articles of Impeachment just might have worked in favor of getting Senate to call witnesses

Republicans and Democrats alike were starting to get anxious as House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, held back the Articles of Impeachment. All the while, Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell debated on whether or not to call witnesses.

It appears that Pelosi was holding back the Articles of Impeachment as a pseudo-filibuster, while Democrats increasingly pressured Republicans in favor of witnesses in a Senate

Fair Senate Trial Or Pay the price

On ABC’s This Week, Pelosi stated, “It’s about a fair trial.” She went on to say, “We’ve done our job. We have defended the Constitution of the United States. We would hope the Senate would do that as well.” She went on to warn the Republican controlled Senate, “Now the ball is in their court to either do that or pay a price.”

As it stands now there is a very good chance witnesses will be called, the question just becomes, who will end up on the witness list?

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