Former US Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor assures that no one at the State Department has ever taken seriously the conspiracy theories that Ukraine allegedly interfered in the US presidential election to harm Donald Trump.

An American diplomat who witnessed the impeachment case said he saw no reason to believe a conspiracy theory promoted by the American president and his allies. Taylor admitted that he was disappointed with Trump’s parallel Ukrainian policies, during which his main advisers tried to strengthen his political assets.

US President’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani played a leading role in these efforts, trying to “dig out dirt” on former Vice President Joe Biden and find evidence that a hacker attack against the Democratic Party in 2016 was carried out from Ukraine, not Russia. Conspiracy theory says that Democrats gave away a key server with evidence to the Ukrainian company CrowdStrike.

No reason to believe a conspiracy theory

Theory was refuted. But that does not stop Trump from repeating these allegations. Taylor said that no one in the State Department was given the task of investigating whether the Democratic Party’s server is actually located in Ukraine because “no one took it seriously.” William Taylor headed the US Embassy in Kiev just when Trump froze hundreds of millions of dollars of military assistance for the Ukrainian army. The American president tried to put pressure on the Ukrainian government to announce the start of an investigation against Joe Biden. After all, Trump and his allies accuse the former US vice president and his son Hunter of corruption. During testimony in the House of Representatives, Taylor warned that the behavior of the American leader is detrimental to the national security of the United States and Ukraine, and also undermines the resistance of Kiev to aggression from Russia.

“Ukraine’s security is important to our security and the reason I believe that is that Ukraine is on the frontline ”

William Taylor

He explained that Russia is waging a “hybrid war” against its neighbor, which, however, is aimed not only against the Ukrainian state, but also “throughout Europe and the USA”. According to the American diplomat, much is at stake for Washington in this battle. And the hybrid war itself goes far beyond the battlefield in the East of Ukraine.

“Hybrid war is more than tanks and soldiers. Hybrid war is information war, it’s cyber war, it’s economic war, it’s attacks on elections and as we know they have attacked our elections ”

“The Russians are very good at that,” Taylor said. “It’s these fake stories that they have propagated. And that’s what they do. They do it pretty well. We have to be on guard against that.”