A U.S. court has suspended the $10 billion Defense Infrastructure Cloud (JEDI) contract between Microsoft and the Pentagon. Microsoft was not happy with the court’s ruling. The Pentagon emphasized that they were confident in their decision to sign a contract with Microsoft.

Amazon accused U.S. President Donald Trump of pressure on the Pentagon in a lawsuit filed in late November with the US Federal Court, where Jeff Bezos’s company challenged the Department of Defense’s contract for a cloud-based storage infrastructure.

Amazon claims that, in deciding to contract with Microsoft, the Pentagon made egregious errors in almost every valuation factor, ignoring the unique benefits of the AWS offer. And turning a blind eye to the obvious flaws in the Microsoft offer to fulfill the technical requirements under the contract.

Donald Trump personally ordered Amazon to be removed from the list of possible winners

According to sources at the White House, US President, Donald Trump, personally ordered Amazon to be removed from the list of possible winners in the state contract bidding. Amazon, whose largest shareholder is the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, immediately sounded the alarm. Bezos has an had open and ongoing conflict with President Trump. Bezos recently purchased the Washington Post and has been highly critical of Donald Trump. Many believe that the Department of Defense going with Microsoft is at the direct order of President Trump.

The company issued a statement stating that if the Pentagon made a decision solely on the basis of evaluating competitive offers, it would obviously be different. That is, Amazon directly accused Donald trump of pressure on the defense department in making the decision.

According to Amazon, Pentagon errors are not only the result of “arbitrary or unlawful” decision-making.

“They were the result of inappropriate pressure from President Donald Trump, who continually criticized (Amazon – ed.) Both in public and behind the scenes to withdraw AWS ‘contract for a joint defense infrastructure (JEDI) program to harm Jeffrey Bezos, who is considered his political enemy, is the founder and CEO of the parent company AWS – Amazon.com, Inc. ”

“The question is whether the President of the United States should be allowed to use the Department of Defense’s budget to achieve his personal and political goals,” the company adds.