(Financial News) The new draft budget provides for the allocation of large funds to counter the influence of competing states, primarily Russia and China.

The draft budget of the US administration for fiscal year 2021 provides for the allocation of $763.8 million to help the states of Europe and Central Asia in order to counter the influence of Russia.

America is facing challenges from resurgent rival states, including China and Russia, according to proposals by US President Donald Trump circulated by the White House on Monday, February 10.

The allocated funds will be used to counter Russian influence by building the capabilities of the US allies in the field of security, and protecting their territorial integrity.

Part of the funds will go to support the efforts of partner countries to stop using Russian military equipment, as well as to eliminate the economic dependence of these countries on Russia, for example, in the field of energy and trade.

$24,000,000.00 is proposed to be allocated to counter Russian misinformation and propaganda.

The draft budget also proposes to allocate $1.5 billion to counter the influence of China, as well as the struggle for “security, democracy and economic growth” in the Indo-Pacific region.

$337.5 million is planned in the budget to counter Iran’s influence.

A draft budget of $4.8 trillion for the fiscal year beginning in October 2021 also involves the allocation of $740.5 billion for defense spending.

A strong army allows “our country to prevent wars, maintain peace and, if necessary, win in the event of an attack on the United States and its citizens,” the document says.

The president’s budget proposals will need to be approved by Congress.

Recall, the amount of the US defense budget for the fiscal year 2020 (started on October 1 last year) amounted to $738 billion. It provides for the imposition of sanctions against Russia, in particular, against the operators of the Nord Stream-2 project.