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Wirecard money laundering


Payment card issuer Wirecard handled the financial transactions of a Maltese online casino linked to the Italian mafia.

Earlier, the Italian court found the CenturionBet gambling company guilty of laundering the funds of the Ndrangheta mafia clan. The casino used Wirecard services until 2017, when the Malta authorities revoked its license.

According to the publication, CenturionBet has laundered millions of euros during its operation. The amounts transferred via Wirecard are not specified. It is only known that the income from cooperation with the casino made up a small share of the total profit of the payment operator.

Wirecard served another Maltese gambling company, which the Italian authorities were also convinced of having links with organized crime. The investigation is ongoing.

Recall that in June, a hole in the balance sheet was found on Wirecard accounts for almost 2 billion euros. The company later went into bankruptcy proceedings.

The incident attracted the attention of German prosecutors, followed by the arrest of former Wirecard chief executive Markus Braun.

Former Wirecard top manager Jan Marsalek made a major transfer in bitcoins after his disappearance. According to media reports, he may be hiding in Russia.

In late July, Wirecard investors sued the German Federal Financial Supervision Authority (BaFin). The regulator was accused that the measures taken against the company were belated.

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