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Crypto saved ex-head of Nissan Motor from jail


The son of the former head of Nissan Motor Carlos Ghosn, accused of tax evasion in Japan, paid $862,500 in cryptocurrency to the organizers of his father’s escape. This follows from the data of the prosecutor’s office, which leads Reuters.

The payment went to Peter Taylor, the son of US Special Forces veteran Michael Taylor. They helped Ghosn Sr. hide in a musical instrument box on a private jet without being checked by customs. Their companies also received payments in fiat two months before their escape.

Both Taylors were arrested in the United States at the request of the Japanese authorities, who are seeking their extradition. Now the option of their release on bail is being considered. But prosecutors fear that access to “Ghosn’s vast resources” will help those arrested easily leave the country. The ex-head of Nissan Motor, at a press conference in his native Lebanon, where he found himself after escaping from Japan, announced the support of everyone who helps him.

The Taylors consider the prosecution’s position fatally flawed. Their reasoning is based on the Penal Code of Japan, which does not provide for punishment for helping a released prisoner escape if he is not in custody.

On Tuesday, a federal judge will consider the petition to release the Taylors on bail.

In Japan, Carlos Ghosn was accused of hiding incomes of 8 billion yen ($74 million) from the tax service. In November 2018, he surrendered to the authorities and was under house arrest until the end of 2019.

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