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Bitfinex Launches Dazaar Decentralized Streaming Marketplace


Bitfinex employees have launched a decentralized platform Dazaar for creating content. An open source protocol that distinguishes the project from the Patreon or OnlyFans counterparts is available on Github.

Dazaar users will be able to control and monetize the content they create without intermediaries. According to the developers, the creation of a marketplace, video content and live broadcasts for the audience will occur “instantly”.

According to the developers, the impetus for the creation of Dazaar was the desire to facilitate the exchange of data and media against the backdrop of an increase in the power of centralized platforms such as search engines, social networks and messaging applications.

“We believe that Dazaar personifies the Internet as it should be – open, free, and scalable.”

Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino.

The platform is built on the Hypercore protocol, which, according to its creators, can be represented as “an easy blockchain crossed with BitTorrent.”

Buyers and sellers connect through the platform using the Dazaar Card cryptographic identifier. The protocol also includes the Dazaar Vision desktop real-time streaming application, which allows sellers to manage subscriptions and broadcasts.

Content can be purchased for crypto assets or fiat through debit or credit cards. Dazaar supports any blockchain through a plugin system. Currently, Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS can be used as a means of payment. Dazaar architecture allows you to add support for new payment plug-ins.

Bitfinex believes that Dazaar’s audience will also be those who are not familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies.

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