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Trump suspends WHO funding


Washington is to abruptly stop making contributions to the WHO’s budget while investigating the organizations alleged mistakes in responding to the COVID-19 threat.

US President Donald Trump said that Washington is stopping further financing of the the World Health Organization. He stated this at a briefing on April 15.

“Today I instructed the administration to suspend contributions to WHO until an assessment of the organization’s role in poor governance and concealment (of data) on the spread of coronavirus,”

He recalled that US taxpayers contributed $400-500 million a year to the organization’s budget, while China paid $40 million.

According to Trump, one of the most dangerous decisions of WHO was a criticism of the US ban on air travel with China and other countries.

“Fortunately, I did not listen to their (WHO) recommendations and postponed flights, thereby saving thousands and thousands of lives <…> Look at other countries, in particular Europe, which followed WHO recommendations and left the borders open.”

The US president accused the organization of causing 20 times more people to be infected than they could because of its incorrect ratings and recommendations regarding COVID-19. He claims that WHO experts have trusted the information of the Chinese authorities and reported that the virus is not transmitted from person to person.

Trump added that Washington will discuss with other countries the potential reforms of the WHO and the use of funds provided to the organization.

Earlier, President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused the organization of mistakes during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump also indicated that WHO had taken an “extremely pro-Chinese position” during the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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