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The US is recommending social distancing for pets


The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended that pet owners provide a social distance between pets when walking.

The CDC recommends restricting pet contact with other animals on the street and encourages cats to be kept at home whenever possible. Dogs are recommended to walk on a leash at a distance of at least two meters from other animals and people. Authorities also recommend avoiding dog parks or public places where many people gather with pets.

If a person is ill with COVID-19, authorities recommend that he avoid contact with animals, if possible. If you need to take care of your pet during illness, the CDC recommends wearing a fabric face mask and washing your hands before contact.

Most of the small number of animals with COVID-19 were thought to have been infected by contact with an infected person. Moreover, the risk of spreading the virus from animals to humans is considered low.

“There is currently no evidence that animals play an important role in the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19,” the center’s recommendations said. Although the exact source of the current pandemic is unknown, now the predominant virus is spreading from person to person.

Earlier, the coronavirus was found in the zoo of the New York Bronx area in lions and tigers, animals were infected from a zoo employee. Two cats have also become infected with the coronavirus in New York State. The first became ill a week after her owner showed signs of SARS, although the coronavirus was not confirmed, she could become infected in the yard. The second is likely to have been infected by its master.

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