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The UN called for combating domestic violence during COVID-19 isolation


Women are now often trapped with partners prone to abuse, the UN Secretary General said.

UN Secretary General António Guterres on Sunday, April 5, called on the authorities of all countries to focus their efforts not only on combating the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, but also on preventing frequent cases of domestic violence against the background of mass isolation.

“Many women and girls face a threat where they should be most secure – in their own homes”

António Guterres.

According to the Secretary General, in some countries the number of women contacting support services has doubled.

“In recent weeks, as economic and social pressures and fear intensify, we are witnessing a terrifying global outbreak of domestic violence,”

UN Secretary General.

As necessary measures, he proposed increasing funding for non-profit organizations and online support services, ensuring the inevitability of punishment for perpetrators of ill-treatment, installing emergency threat reporting systems in pharmacies and grocery stores, as well as equating shelters to life support facilities.

“Women should also have safe ways of seeking help that allow women to seek help without attracting the attention of those who abuse them.”

“Mask 19”

Earlier, the governments of France, Italy, Spain introduced a new scheme for helping victims of domestic violence.

To help victims of domestic violence, the governments of France, Italy, and Spain have introduced a new scheme for helping victims. Now they have to go to the pharmacy and ask for protection, but if for some reason they cannot do it openly, the victims of violence must say the code word: “mask 19”.

According to French Interior Minister Christoph Castaner, after the introduction of restrictive measures due to coronavirus, the number of police interventions in cases of domestic violence increased by 36%. Against this backdrop, the French government announced that it will pay 20,000 nights in hotel rooms for victims of domestic violence and will open temporary counseling centers in supermarkets.

Australia has also reported an increase in domestic violence. The government reported that during an outbreak of coronavirus, the number of requests for help from victims of tyranny increased by 75%. As a result, the government has allocated Australian $150 million to support victims of domestic, family, and sexual violence due to the effects of coronavirus.

Spikes in domestic violence were recorded during the 2008 economic crisis, as well as when major natural disasters occurred and during major football tournaments.

Earlier, the World Health Organization was concerned about the effect on the psychological state of people in connection with restrictive measures due to coronavirus.

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