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Sweden regrets decision not to quarantine during coronavirus outbreak


Sweden’s chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell admitted that mortality from coronavirus was too high. He stated this in an interview with Sveriges Radio.

“If we faced this disease, knowing everything that we know now, then I think we would have taken an intermediate position between Sweden’s current strategy and what the rest of the world has done,”

Anders Tegnell.

According to him, Sweden should have supplemented the restrictions introduced with other measures. Tegnell also admitted that there were too many premature deaths in the country, but that could have been prevented.

“There was a way to prevent this.”

Tegnell noted the high vulnerability to the virus of older people, in particular residents of nursing homes.

“We knew that this age group was vulnerable to infection, but did not know that it was happening so quickly and easily,”

the epidemiologist admitted in an interview with Dagens Nyheter.

According to him, Sweden should have taken more decisive measures to protect the elderly – to launch large-scale testing.
However, the specialist considers it incorrect to introduce all measures at once, as other countries did, since this does not allow us to understand which of them are effective and which are useless.

“Perhaps we will find out now, when restrictions begin to be lifted one at a time, and, perhaps, we will partially understand what we could do additionally without closing the society completely,”

Tynell concluded.

The pandemic of coronavirus infection COVID-19 has spread across almost the entire world. According to the latest WHO data, there are almost 6.3 million people infected, 379 thousand of whom have died.

Sweden, unlike other countries, did not impose strict restrictions: despite the spread of infection, service enterprises, schools and kindergartens continued to work there. Authorities limited themselves to urging residents to take precautions.

Now in Sweden the number of infections has reached almost 38 thousand, more than four thousand people have died. This is several times more than its neighbors – Denmark, Norway and Finland.

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