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Mutated more contagious strain of coronavirus found in Asia


A mutated strain of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 was found in the Philippines. It is considered more contagious than the original infection. This is reported by The Straits Times with reference to doctors.

The Philippine Genome Research Center said that a new strain of G614 has been identified in some cases in Quezon City. According to doctors, the mutation appeared in June, at the same time its traces were found in Malaysia. Some evidence suggests that this variant of the virus should cause more severe illness.

“However, there is still no clear evidence that G614 carriers are actually more infectious than those with the original strain. In addition, the mutation does not appear to affect clinical performance, ”the scientists said. It is noted that mortality from this version of the disease does not increase, and there is no difference in symptoms.

However, geneticists clarify that the study of the strain in any case will help them better understand the coronavirus epidemic and take action against it, based on a deeper knowledge of the infection.

On August 10, it was reported that President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte was preparing to be the first to test the Russian vaccine against coronavirus on himself. In the republic, according to the Johns Hopkins Institute, 166.2 thousand cases of infection and 2.6 thousand deaths were registered.

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