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More contagious strain of COVID-19 found in Indonesia


The most contagious strain of the coronavirus causing COVID-19, first detected in Germany in January 2020 and most prevalent in the United States, was found in Indonesia, according to scientists at the Eikman Institute of Molecular Biology in Jakarta.

The strain, dubbed D614G, has not previously been detected in Indonesia, but its presence was reported in neighboring Malaysia in mid-August.

Based on the results of studies carried out at the Eikman Institute, the transmission rate of the D614G strain in laboratory conditions is 10 times higher than that of the original strain of the new coronavirus, discovered in Wuhan, at the beginning of the pandemic. However, laboratory studies do not answer the question of how fast the virus spreads in the human population. It is also unknown if D614G causes more severe disease.

According to Amin Soebandrio, president of the Eikman Institute, up to 40% of patients with coronavirus infection in Indonesia are currently infected with the D614G strain.

Soebandrio also said that the mutated virus can be vaccinated with most vaccines against coronavirus infection being developed in the world, since vaccines act directly on the mechanisms of the virus responsible for infecting body cells with it, and these mechanisms in D614G are identical to those of the original “Wuhan” strain, which performs the same task.

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