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Intelligence warned about the effects of coronavirus in November 2019


In November of 2019, concerns were expressed that the novel coronavirus could pose a serious threat to US troops in Asia.

The U.S. intelligence sounded the alarm about the possible consequences of coronavirus for both human health and business back in November 2019.

On Wednesday, April 8, the ABC television company reported with reference to sources who are familiar with the report of the National Center for Medical Intelligence at the Intelligence Agency of the United States Department of Defense regarding the briefing of the President.

According to the document, concerns about the virus spreading in the territory of Chinese Wuhan were described in detail by representatives of the security services, who “were worried that it could pose a serious threat to US troops in Asia.”

The drafters of the report concluded that the consequences of this virus “could be catastrophic.”

According to the television company, “this information was repeatedly communicated” to the US DOD, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the White House. According to reporters, “briefings with senior representatives of the federal government and members of the White House’s National Security Council on the topic of the new virus were regularly held in December.”

Earlier, The Washington Post reported that the US administration received the first such warning on January 3.

Earlier it was reported that US intelligence revealed China’s understatement of coronavirus statistics.

Today it was reported that in the United States a record number of coronavirus victims. The number of deaths in the United States as a result of a new coronavirus or complications from it reached its highest rate per day – 1,700 people.

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