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Europeans protests demand quarantine restrictions lifted


Thousands American’s are protesting against the government imposed self-isolation. They demand being allowed to go back to work and call quarantine restrictions a violation of personal liberties of all American citizens. Similar sentiments are observed in some European countries.

For the third consecutive night, French policemen – are under fire, having firecrackers and fireworks fly at them from all sides.

Trash cans are burning in the streets. Law enforcement officers are quick to respond with tear gas and batons. In the suburbs of Paris, the reason for the riot was an attempt to check documents from a 30-year-old local resident who was riding a scooter without a helmet. In Toulouse, the reason is not at all necessary; there, in the suburbs, young people staged a riot and set automobiles ablaze.

People all over Europe are protesting in their own ways. In Spain for instance, pots, lids, pans – everything that can make a percussion sound is banged loudly on the balconies of Madrid.

However they are protesting the message is clear – they want out of quarantine.

“We decided that a walk with children should be 30 to 60 minutes in a radius of 1 kilometer from the house. They should be accompanied by a parent or the person to whom they are assigned,”

Katalina Perazzo, representative of Save the Children.

In Iceland, for children under 16 all restrictions were lifted altogether. School, sport – everything is allowed, without masks and social distance. How to keep it on the beach – think the mayors of the Belgian coast, who fear the influx of domestic tourists, since the borders even inside the EU are still closed. One option is to let only those who have real estate on the sea. But the torn summer season threatens even greater losses to small and medium-sized businesses.

The situation in Italy is deplorable, about 4 million people joined the ranks of the poverty and do not understand how to further feed their families. Robberies became more frequent and it appears the system might be breaking down.

“I worry about the future, worry that poverty and a lack of money will increase the level of violence and crime. A desperate family will do everything to get food for their children,”

Italian Laura Fini.

In the UK, food and essentials are distributed to those in need at the London Expocenter. There are already more than 18 thousand dead. The authorities claim that the country has reached a peak incidence of coronavirus COVID-19, and so far they do not plan to weaken quarantine.

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