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Covid situation: Breaking records throughout Europe.


The Netherlands, Russia and Germany are breaking incidence records, and red zones with particularly strict quarantine rules will appear in France and Great Britain.

The USA remains the leader in the number of cases and deaths from coronavirus in the world – more than 7.5 million and 212 thousand, respectively. Russia is in the five countries with the highest morbidity – 1.2 million infected.

According to Johns Hopkins University, 36.1 million people have been infected with coronavirus in the world at the moment, more than a million have died.

Second wave

In Germany, over four thousand cases have been identified over the past day. This is the highest daily rate since the beginning of April. At the same time, the authorities associate the sharply jumped indicators not only with the second wave of the pandemic, but also with the fact that the scale of testing has significantly increased in the country since September.

A number of German states intend to impose restrictions on entry for residents of the most affected regions of the country, who will need to provide a negative test result for coronavirus.

German epidemiologists warn that the daily number of cases will reach 10 thousand people if people do not follow the instructions of the authorities. The next few weeks will be critical, they said.

For the first time since May, hospitals in Belgium have occupied more than 50% of the beds reserved for patients with Covid-19. Cafes and bars have closed for a month in Brussels since Thursday morning. The authorities are discussing other emergency measures that will help bring the new round of the spread of the infection under control.

In the Netherlands, where the situation was considered one of the most favorable in Europe, nearly 5,000 people have been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the past 24 hours.

New restrictions

In Italy, the state of emergency has been extended until January. Wearing masks is a must everywhere – both outdoors and indoors. The rule applies to absolutely all regions of Italy.

The situation in boarding schools and nursing homes in Sweden has sharply deteriorated. Local media have reported four outbreaks in Uppsala alone.

In Scotland, restrictions on pubs and restaurants have been in place for several days, and people are also prohibited from gathering in large companies outside their homes.

The Israeli authorities report that the second lockdown introduced in mid-September in the country has brought results, and the spread of the infection has been slowed down. According to the Ministry of Health, over the past day, 4.1 thousand new cases of Covid-19 have been detected in the country, but for the third day in a row, there has been a decrease in indicators. The total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic exceeds 282 thousand.

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