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COVID-19 making resurgence in China


Shulan City County in the northeastern Jilin Province has been recognized as a high-risk zone of COVID-19 after 11 people have recently been infected, according to the province’s press service.

Mi Feng, spokesman for the China State Health Committee, said on Sunday that cases of local group infection were again recorded in China on May 9. During the day, 12 local cases of infection were recorded throughout the country, one in Wuhan and 11 in Jilin Province, which was the highest since March 11. All patients in Jilin Province are members of the same family and individuals who have had close contact with them.

On May 7, one local case of infection was detected in Shulan, on May 9 another 11 cases were detected. In accordance with state standards for determining the epidemiological situation, Jilin Province raised the epidemiological threat of Shulan from medium to high.

Earlier on Sunday, the epidemiological threat level in the Dongsihu area of ​​Wuhan, where there were no new infections since the beginning of April, was raised from low to high after one new case of infection was detected in the city, as well as 16 asymptomatic carriers.

The epidemiological threat associated with the spread of coronavirus in all regions of China since May 7 has become low after the authorities of the border region of Heilongjiang with Russia in the north-east of the country reduced the region to low, there were no regions with a medium or high threat level .

On December 31, 2019, the Chinese authorities informed the World Health Organization about an outbreak of unknown pneumonia in the city of Wuhan in the central part of the country (Hubei Province). Specialists found that the causative agent of the disease was a new coronavirus, later the disease was officially named COVID-19. WHO on March 11 announced the pandemic of a new coronavirus in the world. On March 29, the State Health Committee of the PRC announced that the spread of the epidemic in the country generally had stopped.

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